Flower's Story

Aku datang !!
Aku sangat senang melihat wajahmu saat aku datang.
Seseorang mengirimku kesini untuk mu dengan pesan.
Tiga pesan dalam tiga hari

Hari pertama denganmu
Kurasa kamu sudah tahu pesan itu
Tersirat jelas dalam kartu bersamaku
Oh aku sungguh menikmati hari pertama denganmu

Hari kedua denganmu
Masih perlukah aku menyampaikan pesan itu ?
Pesan singkat ungkapan hati tuanku
Dan tugasku menyampaikan padamu

Aku adalah lambang dari rasa itu
Warna merah ku
Bagai darah yang mengaliri seluruh tubuhmu
Memberimu kehidupan
Harum bauku
Mengingatkanmu bahwa rasa itu pantas dinikmati
Duri ditubuhku
Menyakiti mereka yang tidak menghargaiku

Hari ketiga denganmu
Aku benci hari ini, hari terakhir bersamamu
Aku korbankan diriku untuk pesan itu
Tercabut aku dari akar kehidupanku
Namun aku bangga, karena aku berharga
Aku adalah lambang dari rasa itu

Akhir kata sebelum aku layu dan mati
Pesan dari tuanku sebagai tugasku
Dia mencintaimu, itulah rasa itu
Percayalah kepadaku
Dengan segala pengorbananku
Dusta itu tak ada dalam ceritaku

Tiga hari bersamamu
Membuatku berarti
(2010, Apr 19)

That's a poem i wrote once i got roses
a very best friend who lives thousand miles away from me, sent roses for me..and said that he loves me by that way..a very sweet thing, yes?
it surprised me, yes very much...got me speechless when i receive those roses
honestly no one ever sent me surprise thing like he did to me

that was happened 2 years ago...and i will not forget that, sweet memories!


amazing travel

it all started from my depressed, my stressed, my frustrated about my life, all i fell was just i couldn't do anything, all down to the lowest place, all has gone and nothing left, and see i got drowned.
i need to go to someplace.
i don't know what should i do, i just think about : oh, sure i need to go to someplace.
called my friend, told her about how if we go for "run away" from this crowded life, i got 'yes' from her!
see, she got stressed just like me, in different case.
so, two women in adventure.

i didn't know that this travelling will be our amazing travel, because the one reason i go was just 'run away' from my real life. i ever came to this place before and she also. so both of us can imagine what it would be and we planned our trips, our schedules, etc.

one thing that i forgot to checked first was the map, from one place to other place.
so 1st day we got to airport, our plan was to go to Lovina.
we didn't know where is Lovina, how to got there, we just rely on story from someone's blog.

got lunch, then looked for motorbike rent...yes we used motorbike to got there.
in our mind that time was it's only 2 hours driving from airport. so i said, ok! i drive motorbike for 2 hours, i can do this!
in our trip, we use GPS as our navigator..our life was depend on what GPS says

on our way to Lovina, we got rained, cold, burned
we took rest at minimart or small restaurant, and sometimes we asked local people how to get Lovina, asked about were we at the right way to got there. people said we were at the right way, they said it was far far away, it needed 2or 3 hours....whoaa 2 or 3 hours again, i already drove for 2 hours before...ouch!

ok, so no way to go back, we have booked room at there for that night...we have no budget if we move to other hotel..so keep going, keep driving.
i just hoped it worth to fight driving to there..
things that i didn't and never regret about this trip was the amazing view, natural landscape in all the way...we climbed the mountain, we crossed the village, we fight the cold.
while driving i keep on thought "we almost there, we almost there, we almost there"
finally after all, we got there at 7pm, yay!!?
did i told you what time i start this trip ? we start this at 2pm!
so we were 5 hours in the way, oh see..i drove motorbike for 5 hours....it's my new record!

so tired that night, but i felt so excited..and kind of proud of myself, haha

next morning, we got to the middle of the sea used motorboat, to see dolphins..i got wonderful view of sunrise, i felt fresh air in the early morning, i got warm of morning sun...it felt so good and wonderful for me, things that i couldn't get in Jakarta.

then we went to Bedugul, we got nice pictures at there.
we drove back to Kuta, we stayed 1 night at Kuta..this trip was shorter than our trip from Kuta to Lovina-kind of weird, where i used the same way.

spent 1 and half days at Kuta, went to the beach, sun bathed in the morning, walked around, looked for gifts, i fall in love with this city.

when i have to leave this city, i promise to myself, i'll be back to here someday and will stay longer.
this city has a piece of my heart!